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  1. Mitchell Mitchell says:

    Robert is a extremely knowledgeable and versatile instructor and pilot. I learn something every time I fly with him.


  2. Matt Himsel says:

    Robert helped me along my journey to becoming a CFI. He is very good about making learning an active process. He teaches as the student needs. It is never by a script.

    Roberts stick and rudder skills are amazing. I’ve flown with CFI’s that do not posses the skills they require from each student. But this is not the case with Robert. He walks the walk all the while truly making flying fun and enjoyable.


  3. Jesse Vondersaar says:

    Robert helped me get through CFI training. He challenges you as a pilot to better your knowledge and skill and is thorough about preparing you for a check ride. He doesn’t gloss over the little things and makes sure your paying attention to things like seatbelts. I felt safe doing the spin training with him as he made sure I knew what was going to happen and prepared me beforehand.


  4. Vince Trionfo says:

    Robert is one of the reasons why I succeeded with my CFI training at LIFT Academy. Robert is a very skilled pilot, with an eye for detail. His passion for flying is very evident the second you come into contact with him. I can’t thank Robert enough, and consider him one of the best CFI’s I’ve ever flown with.


  5. Joe Frazee says:

    I only had one evaluation with Robert. His questions and what he asked me to do in the airplane are things that I still use as a CFI with my students. He has a great ability to help students build solid fundamentals and raise their level of aeronautical decision making. Robert emphasizes safety, practicality, and finesse when it comes to flying. To say that he sincerely wants to see each student succeed may sound like a cliche, but it’s definitely not a cliche for him.


  6. Katt Raisor says:

    Robert helped me find the confidence to get through my CFI training while also demanding excellence. He taught me something new every time I got in the plane with him despite the flights being primarily for evaluation purposes. He’s strict, but still makes sure to let you know when you do things well.


  7. Ben Elliott says:

    I became a significantly better pilot after my time with Robert. His ability to expose your weaknesses and give you the tools to improve them is second to none. He is very enjoyable to fly with and I took away things from that flight that I will use for the rest of my aviation career.


  8. Geoffrey Orsini says:

    I had a great experience with Robert while in my CFI training at LIFT academy. His knowledge on the both the ground, and in the air are second to none. I was able to learn from his own shared experiences to become a better pilot and teacher.

    If it wasn’t for Robert, I truly do not think I would have passed my CFI initial quite as swiftly with my own personal preparation. There is no one else I would look toward for my CFI training and future recurrent or flight review training!


  9. Jack Nelson says:

    Mr. Haynes gave me one of the most enjoyable and valuable learning experiences that I have had at my time in LIFT while completing my CFI initial training. He is great at creating interesting, thought-provoking, and challenging learning experiences and is very knowledgable and skillful as a pilot.

    He is great at being motivational and positive as a teacher and being able to explore weaknesses in knowledge areas and help you overcome them. He explains things very well in such a way that I found it easy to perform what he wanted to see from me because I had already been able to visualize and understand what he had taught and what he was seeking from me. Flying with Mr. Haynes was an amazing learning opportunity for me and a pleasant experience.


  10. Amalia Yoanides says:

    Robert was my instructor for tailwheel and spin training. He found a way to apply skills learned in tailwheel training to normal flying at a part 141 school. He is very good at finding elements of your flying that need improvement and then finding ways to improve it.


  11. Dave Shuck says:

    Robert is the most capable pilot and CFI I have every flow with. He started working with me 20 years ago when he helped me achieve my goal to be a private pilot back then and I am still privileged to learn from him every time we fly together. He has a fantastic way of pushing you to your limit and then helping you achieve things you didn’t think you could do. Robert is as great a person as he is a CFI. I cannot recommend a better person to learn from.


  12. David McEntire says:

    I have flown with Robert for several years. He is always willing to help and a pleasure to fly with. 5 stars, 100%, A1, what ever the measure, he earns it.


  13. Even though my time with Robert was limited, it was easy to see him living up to his reputation. The short version? He was known for being the toughest guy you’d encounter during your training. But he also cares about you as an aviator, and his respect for the craft is obvious. He is not content with simply meeting the standards, he demands excellence and offers assistance to help get you there.


  14. Isaac Duncan says:

    Robert has spent a lifetime building aeronautical knowledge and experience and is great at passing it on. He seems to truly care about his students and invests in their success.


  15. Brandon Frizzo says:

    Robert was a pivotal piece of my training to become a CFI. My preparation with him helped me better understand what was going to be expected of me throughout my CFI checkride.

    He evaluated my ability to train students both in and outside of the airplane. He provided candid feedback on what could be improved from both perspectives, but didn’t make me feel inferior for the areas I wasn’t that strong in. I passed my CFI checkride on the first try and a large part of it was due to knowledge I obtained during my time training with Robert.

    You can be a great pilot and a terrible teacher. Robert’s experience with both training and flying is evident that he has what it takes to do both. I’m certain that because of the time I spent training with Robert that I am a more confident, skillful and above all – safe – pilot.


  16. Justin Clevenger says:

    4k+ pic pilot and have been working with Robert for the last 5 years for my BFR, instrument Prof and precision mechanics of flight. I would rank him my best instructor in my 20 years. Finds my weakness, describes the corrective action and then works with me so that I am the most precise pilot I can be.


  17. Ernie Condra says:

    Robert is a consummate professional. He was instrumental in getting me to join the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) where we flew many training and actual missions together. He is proficient, patient and willing to train at every step. He instills confidence both by his demeanor and his skill as a pilot. I would fly with him anytime, anywhere.


  18. Benjamin Kucera says:

    Robert taught me to fly through a program in the Air Force called the Pilot Preparation Program. He volunteered his own time to teach aspiring pilots like myself the fundamentals of flying in order to get them more prepared to compete for slots in undergraduate pilot training. I had never flown a plane before, but he made me feel extremely comfortable from before the first takeoff. He is extremely knowledgeable and has the heart of a teacher. My education and flying skills improved so much, in only 10 hours of flight time, that my PCSM score improved from a 40 to a 93 (scale of 100). I would highly recommend him to anybody, new or experienced. He crafted a love for aviation for me that I didn’t even know was possible. I trust him with my life in an airplane, and still communicate with him to this day, more than 2 years after I’ve last seen him. He is a first class person and an inspiration for me personally.


  19. Tom Eaton says:

    I met Robert through the Civil Air Patrol and have flown with him many times mainly in instructional settings. Each time I came away as a better pilot. Robert has a wealth of aviation knowledge and experience and has a teaching style that works well for me.


  20. John Wood says:

    I have a military aviation background with a lot of multi engine turbine time. Robert helped me with transitioning to SE piston flying and getting my tail wheel endorsement. His knowledge, experience, calm demeanor and overall instructional techniques are exceptional and he’s also a lot of fun to fly with!


  21. Bethany Lagergren says:

    I had an evaluation flight with Robert. He is extremely knowledgable. I struggled with a few maneuvers and began becoming flustered / angry with myself. He talked to me and coached me to help me with my corrections. He knew I was embarrassed and he made sure I knew to not be and that I would be a great pilot in the end. I learned a lot with him on my flight and it was a pleasure seeing him around the halls afterward. He would check in with me and my status on my training. I highly recommend, Robert. Not only is does he know his stuff, but he is fun to fly with!


  22. James Hashley says:

    I flew a couple of evaluation and training flights with Robert while I was working on CFI. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert and would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for top notch training. He holds very high standards for both knowledge and stick-and-rudder skills in the airplane, but he holds himself to the same level. I’m truly grateful for the time I had working with him and I feel he helped make me both a better pilot and a better CFI.


  23. Charles Gordon says:

    I had a CFI evaluation flight with Robert and a retraining flight to go over an issue I had with a maneuver for my CFI Check-ride. Robert was very knowledgeable and gave some great pointers during both flights. He doesn’t make you feel belittled, like other seem to do, when you make a mistake but instead uses that as a teaching moment to talk thru any corrective action to help you become a better pilot. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to fly with him more than I did!!


  24. Gabe Santa Rita says:

    Robert is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever trained under. My Multi Engine rating was a breeze after training with him and was the most confident I have been for any of my piloting exams to date. His ATC experience has also helped me become more comfortable talking to controllers and understanding what they expect from me. Not only is Robert a great pilot but a great guy who really does care about his students. Whether you are new or experienced I highly recommend flying with Robert, every time I do another tool is added to the belt and my skills are sharpened.


  25. Sam Santa Rita says:

    Robert wants to see you succeed. At first he comes across as stern but he take preparing you and protecting you seriously. Learning new information and tasks can be frustrating and intimidating but Robert is extremely patient and tries to communicate in different ways since everyone learns differently. Because of Robert my check ride for my private pilot certificate was uneventful. I was throughly prepared for the oral and flying part of the exam. Of course, I was nervous during the exam but calmed down quickly once I realized I actually knew my stuff. Robert will not set you up for failure but you must be committed to learning real skills for real life flying.


  26. Seth Walters says:

    Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to fly with Robert but I did have the opportunity to sit through a couple ground sessions involving preparation for the CFI check ride as well as an end of course knowledge evaluation. Robert is a true professional and the effort he invests in his students is evident, leading to a very high initial pass rate for his students. It would be a real privilege to fly with Robert some day.


  27. Caleb Zoeller says:

    My experiences with Robert are ones I will always appreciate as a pilot. Each time you step into the room for an oral or sit next to him in the plane you are guaranteed to learn something new. Robert’s passion for teaching and helping combined with his kind and truly caring demeanor make him one of the best teachers/instructors I have ever had. He is a subject matter expert but is still humble enough to learn from you and listen to your point of view.

    I believe flying with Robert and learning from him (although briefly) has helped lead me to become the best flight instructor I can be. I never planned on being a flight instructor in my life but I hope to be able to continue instructing at a quarter of the level and passion as Robert.

    Thanks for everything Robert!


  28. Krysten Kelly says:

    I was fortunate to get to do a CFI evaluation with Robert. He was able to dig into my weaknesses and never missed an opportunity to teach me something valuable while doing so. Doing these types of evaluations, it’s easy to focus only on what needs to be improved but Robert always let me know when something was done well too. He makes sure you are well prepared for whatever you’re training for, and his passion for teaching and flying alike shows in every encounter with him. He invests in every student he works with, and although my time learning from him was brief, he kept in touch and followed up as my training progressed. He is easily one of the best pilots and instructors I’ve flown with, and I wish I had more time to learn from him!


  29. Joshua Bucy says:

    I did my CFI evaluation with Robert prior to my practical. While the six hour oral is a bear, it really does help to prepare you well for the actual exam. Robert makes a point of digging into your weak spots (if any) in order to help you strengthen them. He also makes a point of letting you know when he’s impressed by your knowledge or performance, which helps boost morale and put you at ease. He was very fair in his flight evaluation, and I certainly learned a few things from him while we were in the air. Over all, he wants you to succeed and he’s a pro at helping you toward that end.


  30. Skyler Curtin says:

    Robert is a enthusiast and professional all in the same. No matter where you are in the learning process, be it a brand new aspiring pilot, to the seasoned pro, Robert is a blast to fly with and an excellent instructor. He will expertly help you accomplish your goals by explaining concepts well in terms that are relatable and understandable, as well as minimize your frustrations and anxiety by making sure you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed. For students that are going up against their check rides he is able to help iron out deficiencies and help identify strong areas as well. Overall no matter what step of the process you are in you couldn’t ask for a better instructor!


  31. dcornwell31 says:

    I have been flying with and training pilots for nearly 20 years now and Robert stands out as one of those pilots that always comes prepared and ready to go. I have enjoyed using Robert as a contract pilot because you know you are getting a safe, competent, pilot and an all-around nice guy. He truly is passionate about aviation!


  32. Josh Hunter says:

    I’ve known Robert for almost seven years and had the pleasure of sharing the cockpit of both a Cirrus and a CAP Cessna 182 with him. Robert is a consummate professional and exceptional teacher. He loves passing on his experience in aviation, flying and ATC, to younger pilots.


  33. Mark Reeves says:

    As I read the testimonials from others, I reflect on how Robert has helped me be a better pilot. Each time we flew together, we both seemed to learn something from each other. Whether it was knocking the rust off (simple VOR approach in the G1000) or discussing some philosophical question (is the checklist, in the Pilot Operating Handbook, required to be followed or can the pilot deviate/amend/disregard certain items on the list?).
    Ultimately, Roberts end goal is to make you a better and safer pilot. Sometimes, he learns a thing or two in the process of teaching others.


  34. Scott Anderson says:

    I can’t thank Robert enough for helping me through my CFI training. He is by far one the most knowledgeable and most encouraging instructors I have flown with. After my training with Robert, I felt more than prepared for my checkride and I was able to pass on my first attempt, and that speaks to his level of professionalism and experience.


  35. Sam Fortuna says:

    Robert was a huge help during my CFI training. I credit my success to the tips and tricks he taught me. He is very professional and knowledgeable in and out of the cockpit. He was a pleasure to fly with.


  36. Patrick Oliverio says:

    I flew with Robert during my CFI training. He was a tremendous help for me and I became a much better pilot. Additionally, I learned a lot during ground training with him. He challenged me in a lot of areas which really stretched my thinking. I can’t thank him enough for the knowledge and skill he provided.


  37. Gordon Hutchinson says:

    I have known Robert for a decade now. I have flown with him in CAP and the Sirius. I also call upon Robert for Flight Reviews and IPC rides in my Bonanza. Having been a CFI since 1991 myself, I can tell you Robert is top notch, sitting the bar high for quality of dual given and has a way of articulating the desired outcome that is easy to comprehend. His techniques are solid and repeatable. If you haven’t flown with Robert you should give him a ring for your next IPC, FR or just want to knock the dust off with pattern / emergency procedures. You won’t be disappointed !!!


  38. Robert Welch says:

    Big, big kudos to this guy. Robert is a master teacher and flight instructor. I have to give him a big credit to my own success on the CFI checkride. He sets a high bar for success, but ultimately just wants to see you succeed as a truly safe and competent pilot/flight instructor. I had him for my CFI end of course, and though I had a few struggles, it was Robert that really brought the best out of me. You have to see this guy teach you a lesson. Just watching him, you can soak up all sorts of wonderful tricks as a CFI yourself. And if CFI isn’t your goal, no problem. You’ll be sure to learn many, many great things from him. Robert is an incredibly down to earth, knowledgeable, and caring instructor that can communicate lesson material in an absolutely beautiful way.

    I would fly with Robert any day he is just such an incredible teacher – as some others have said here, he will not disappoint!


  39. Brian Love says:

    I’ve read over the comments above and it is hard to add something that has not already been said. I had the pleasure of doing a ground session and flight with Robert for my CFI Checkride. I wish we would have had more together. Robert is full of knowledge and “outside the box” ideas/thinking. He really opened up my mind on a couple of maneuvers we performed on the flight, but then he took the time to get to know me and my family. A quality which is not found often. He wanted to see me succeed and follow my dreams. I’m lucky to have had him as a part of my journey. One day I hope we can enjoy some more flights together.


  40. Robert gave me a mock oral and flight before my CFI check ride. The mock he gave did more than test my preparation, it was another opportunity he had to impress more instructor knowledge upon me. You can tell he truly enjoys watching you develop int the best pilot and instructor you can and he takes pride in being a part of that. He has a big heart for what he does and I will always remember him as a large influence in my aviation career.

    Jay D. McClintock


  41. Jacob Rose says:

    Robert has a wealth of knowledge, and is always more than happy to share. His experience in the field of aviation is vast and his knowledge and teaching style are both refined and impressive. Working alongside Robert was a privilege, and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again in the future!


  42. bdhirsch says:

    I’ve been around aviation for quite a while, earning my private license over 40 years and 3000+ hours ago. Then came my instrument and commercial rating years later. Robert and I have flown together in the Civil Air Patrol on many occasions, and I have always known him to be an excellent instructor and highly professional pilot. As a CAP mission check pilot examiner, I’ve flown with a lot of great folks, and Robert’s one of the best. Among his wealth of experience, he used to fly in and out of short strips in Alaska as a bush pilot. That’s a tough gig for anyone. I become a better pilot every time I fly with Robert, and you will, too.


  43. Craig Heavener says:

    Robert has been a great CFI and was a perfect match for me to train amd get my currency back with. He understood my goals, my skill level and helped coach me back into the air. He would follow up with me after my sign-off and became a friend and mentor for me in aviation. I know that I could reach out to him at any time with questions or to work on skills. As I practiced with him, when I was having trouble he never made me feel incompetent, he encouraged and was keen to give me what I needed to be safe and capable. I will look to fly with him any time I need to get checked out or need coaching. Robert is excellent at what he does and is a great person to know.


  44. Thomas E Elam says:

    Robert has been a patient and valued coach for many years. His sharing of aeronautical knowledge and skills made me a safer an better pilot.


  45. James King says:

    Robert and I flew together on the Citation Bravo, and he was always on top of things. He is a great pilot and good conversationalist! He was always incredibly personable with passengers and was always able to find common ground with them. I will miss flying with him!


    • Mason LeBlanc says:

      Robert has been a great source of knowledge and motivation both before and after I met him during my CFI training. He was challenging but constructive, expecting you to be the best you could be and then helping you get there. I will continue to teach my students the the exact methods he taught me, and hope I can instill in them the confidence flying with him gave me. Very grateful for the experience.


  46. Ed Daugherty says:

    I have had the opportunity to share the cockpit with many pilots as an instructor and commercial pilot for 55 years. It is my observation that the very best pilots that I have flown with tend to share some common traits. A short list of these traits is that they have excellent airmanship and decision-making skills, consistently demonstrate a professional attitude toward the conduct of every flight, pertaining to the operation of the specific aircraft, the pertinent FAR’s, and the safe and efficient conduct of the flight concerning the safety and comfort of their passengers.

    I have had the opportunity to fly with Robert Haynes only a few times and it was obvious that he has the qualities that I mentioned above. As a flight instructor, Robert takes a personal interest in the success of his students and is a very effective communicator in the cockpit. I am honored that he asked me to contribute to his testimonial page


  47. Maram shahidi says:

    Robert signifies a turning point in my instructing journey. Robert conducted my end of course oral and flight for my CFI course. It was a total of 11 hours of growth. Where i got to identify my deficiencies, understand my strengths, and shape my thoughts on how i’m going to become a better teacher.
    Flying with him was so much fun, i had so many AHA moments, and to this day i reference him to my students.
    Robert is a wealth of knowledge and experience. And i’m honored to have been one of his students.


  48. Keith Stover says:

    I had been a CFI for several years when I flew with Robert for a Spin Training refresher course. I learned so much and walked away from the training feeling great. I’d recommend spin training with Robert to anyone fortunate enough to get the chance!


  49. Adam Baldwin says:

    Robert is a fantastic instructor. I did my spin training, CFI oral and flight prep with him. He was a huge factor in my success passing my initial CFI. I learned so much from flying with Robert. The skills he refined gave me the tool to pass!


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