Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel is awesome!!!

I started in a tailwheel in 1971.  The stick and rudder skills you will gain by being a tailwheel proficient pilot will be a huge enhancement to your experience.

So why tailwheel?

Many pilots today are taught weak or little rudder skills… this results in:

  1.  lack of coordinated turns
  2.  timidity in crosswind landings
  3.  trouble holding headings
  4. poor understanding of slips

It’s not universal, certainly, but I’ve seen the pattern over and over.  This will MAKE you a better pilot.

I say there are two REALLY important ratings/endorsements to get:

Instrument and tailwheel.  Both of these will make you fly better.  One enhances precision and flying by numbers.  The other enhances basic stick and rudder skills.

Here’s a great article to help your understanding.

Most pilots take 5-10 hours of dual instruction.  I take a wholistic approach to your proficiency..not just can you land a tailwheel aircraft.  You will learn:  normal full stall landings, wheel landings, taxi, take off procedures, coordinated turns, forward slips, side slips, cross wind landings, go arounds, grassy and pavement landings.  You’ll also do stalls, steep turns and coordination exercises.  If you need it, I can also sign off on a flight review.

When you’re finished, both you and I will feel confident you can safely and proficiently fly a tailwheel aircraft with passengers or solo.

I look forward to flying with you.

Robert Haynes