This is my dad. Taught me to fly in 1971.

Welcome to Indy CFI.

My name is Robert Haynes and I began flying at the age of 15 and soloed on my 16th birthday.  Flying is a passion of mine and I love every minute of it.  While my career was in Air Traffic Control, my love for flying has spanned 4 decades.

circa 1971

Most of my time is in light single engine aircraft but I also have time in the Citation, King Air and MU2.  My primary love is tailwheel flying.  Living in Alaska for 19 years, tailwheel flying was a way of life.  We would make a runway out of a dry river bed, gravel bar or mountain top…if we were on wheels.  On floats, that’s a whole different and wonderful world.

I occasionally fly the Beechcraft B350 Super King Air

I fly the Cessna  310, 340, 421 and 414 on a corporate basis.


I also teach tailwheel.  My passion!


Fluent with the Cirrus…and a host of others.

Rice Dellacqua Airplanes

Advanced Flight Instructor at

Here are some of the services I offer:

Tailwheel transition and endorsement
LSA, Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine and CFI training
Corporate call in co-pilot services
Ferry services
Instrument Proficiency Checks
Flight Reviews
Spin endorsements for CFI candidates

I’m a ATP rated pilot, instrument, SEL, SES, MEL, CFI/CFII/MEI with a class I medical.  I’m also an instructor/check pilot/examiner/mission pilot  for Civil Air Patrol with G1000 training.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance to you.

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Robert Haynes
Flight Instructor/Contract Pilot