Food for thought. When I do a checkride, I often do a review of airspace. Class A, B, C and D are usually understood. The confusion comes in two areas: Class G and Class D after the tower goes home. My usual question is “what happens to Class D airspace when the tower goes home?” I usually get that it becomes Class G or Class E. Well, it’s a little bit of trick question. You don’t know until you look at the A/FD. Some airports revert to Class G (KBMG, for example). Others revert to Class E (KMKL). Most are class G but some ARE class E.
Why is this important? Because it changes your weather minimums! Before the tower opens and you flight visibility is less than 3, you can do 1 mile and clear of clouds IF the airspace is Class G (assuming daytime). IF it’s Class E airspace, you’ll either need an IFR OR a SVFR clearance, both of which need to be obtained from ATC.
The bottom line, is KNOW YOUR STUFF and don’t assume.

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