Ferry Services

I can ferry an aircraft for you domestically.  I don’t do international ferries.  I prefer tailwheel aircraft, Cirrus or G1000 but will consider most single engine aircraft and some twins.

Costs are:

$400/day for single engine, $500-600/day for twins or for any portion of a 24 hour period.  Tipping is common for ferry pilots but not required.
Actual expenses including airline, transportation, food, lodging, landing or ramp fees, fuel, oil, maintenance or incidental expense relative to the flight.

My home base is Indy and I’ll fly out of KIND.
You provide me with air fare to and from KIND.
The aircraft MUST be in annual or a legitimate ferry permit must be acquired from the FAA.
Delays are sometimes unavoidable due to weather, ATC or maintenance.  I still charge for those days that I am out.
You will sign a contract for services document that spells out the terms.
You advance 100% of the estimate charges.  We will reconcile the actual costs upon delivery.
I will provide a detailed accounting of expenses for a final reconciliation at delivery.
Checkout and a BFR (if requested) shall be included in the cost.
Tailwheel training shall be handled separately should you have no endorsement.
You must provide written documentation of insurance, airworthiness certificate and proof of title.
You must provide insurance and have me as a named pilot on your policy.

Please email me if you have questions or want to schedule a flight.