Rice Dellacqua Airplanes

The Cirrus SR22 is an incredibly well equipped aircraft.  This 175 KTAS (200 mph) aircraft is a fantastic IFR platform.  Here are just some of the features of the one I fly:

315hp turbo charged Continental engine
Garmin Perspective avionics
Perspective EVS
Garmin GFC 700 autopilot
Cirrus Perspective Autopilot Controller
FIKI Certified (Flight into known icing conditions).  This uses TKS weeping alcohol wing for anti-ice.  See Max Trescott’s article.
Factory AC
Factory Oxygen
SVS-Synthetic Vision System
Perspective Synthetic Vision
EVS-Enhanced (infrared) Vision System.  See video
XM Radio
XM Weather
Satellite phone
CAPS-Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System

See why CAPS saves lives.


Buying a Cirrus?  Let me deliver and train you in your Cirrus.

Need a dry lease on a Cirrus?  You may be able to lease a Cirrus for your Indianapolis based business.  No capital investment or monthly fees..just pay for the hourly rate plus the pilot.  Ask for details.  Your business should be located within 50 miles of Indianapolis Executive Airport (Zionsville).  We can bring the airplane to you but it does increase the cost.


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