Let’s talk stalls

Let’s talk stalls…. Virtually every checkride requires some type of stall series. That’s a good thing…except they are often routine and somewhat meaningless.

Let me give you a different twist.

I ALWAYS do approach to landing stalls with students/applicants in a left turn. Why? This is the classic setup for a stall/spin scenario. Let’s assume you are on the downwind for runway 18 and winds are 090@15. If you’re not crabbing into the wind to the right, you’ll fly closer to the runway. I call this “pinching the base”.

When you turn on base, you pick up 15 kt tailwind. If you have “pinched the base” and don’t anticipate the turn to final, you can easily see how you can overshoot the final approach course. I see this a LOT.

You’re on final, right of centerline with a 15 kt left crosswind.

You’re trying to get back to the final. You’re “dirty” with gear and flaps down, slow (perhaps Vref), cranking hard to get back to the centerline lest you do that embarrassing “go around”. You’re also giving up some vertical component of lift. Perfect scenario for stall spin setup.

This follows the FITS training protocol. Train in a way that is real life application. Stalls straight ahead are easily recoverable. In a left turn, adds a whole new complexity.

Make the training meaningful.

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